The Gluten-free-last-minute-lunchbox-solution

Have you ever had that sinking feeling at about ten o’clock at night, as you turn the TV off and are about to head upstairs, and you suddenly remember that you didn’t bake and you’ve nothing in for his lunchbox tomomrrow? The old standby options (such as easy, wrapped chocolate biscuits) are no longer available, you have none of the expensive ‘free from’ alternatives in the cupboard, you feel like the world’s worst mum becasue you should have planned for this…

Okay, maybe it’s just me that is totally disorganised!  But it does happen, more regularly than I would like, and the options have always been:

a) Get the car out and head for the local supermarket

b) Switch on the over and bake the world’s easiest gluten free cake (which is easy, but I’d have to stay up to switch off the oven)

c) Give him extra fruit instead (healthy but not popular)

Anyway, I have recently come up with a fourth option, which you may have already thought of… but I hadn’t!

Chocolate Crispie Cakes!!

They are naturally gluten free (as long as you have pre-checked the cereal and the cooking chocolate) and soooo simple.  All you need is a bar of cooking chocolate, gluten free breakfast cereal and some paper cake cases.  The chocolate goes in the microwave for a minute, stir in the cereal and pop it in the cake cases.  Five minutes max!  Then leave it to set overnight.

The kids love ‘em (and sometimes request them) and it has got me out of a tight spot on many ocassions!  Also great if you suddenly have to supply gluten free goodies and have nothing in the house.

If you have any last minute standbys, please post!  Would love to hear about them!

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  1. Aunt Jayne says:

    Interesting blog.
    I do not have a child with Celiac – I am the child.
    I work 12 hour shifts (911 dispatch) and am always trying to come up with new ideas for finger foods that are gluten free. (I get tired of fruits and veggies all the time)
    I am going to try some of your stuff, and if it is OK with you, I would like to share them with my readers.
    I also have quite a few recipes that are simple and kid friendly on my blog. Check it out!
    Aunt Jayne

    Aunt Jaynes last blog post..GLUTEN FREE AND POSTURAL ALIGNMENT

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