Easter Hols

I’m so sorry that I haven’t blogged for ages!  We have been away – on our first ‘proper’ holiday since Jamie was diagnosed with celiacs disease last June.  It is hard to believe that this time last year we had a very sad and ill little boy with permenant tummy aches, exhaustion and weight loss.  He [...] Read more »

Tummyaches Again!

Jamie is getting tummyaches again.  I’m sure he is not getting any gluten (and if he is occasionally getting cross contaminated, it can’t be this regularly).  His last blood tests showed he wasn’t getting regular gluten. So why he tummyaches?  They are short but very sharp, and he’s getting them three or four times a [...] Read more »

Easy Gluten Free Recipes: Gluten Free Apple Crumble

When it comes to easy gluten free recipes this is another winner.  And another of those relief moments for Jamie when he realised that apple crumble was still on the menu for him. Of course, gluten free apple crumble could become gluten free rhubarb crumble or gluten free apple and blackberry crumble or gluten free [...] Read more »

Easy Gluten Free Recipes: Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

These gluten free chocolate chip cookies are a definite favorite in our house: they never last for more than a couple of days!  (especially delicious warm from the oven!) Ingredients 100g castor sugar 100g margarine                                                 1 egg (beaten) half a teaspoon vanilla essence 6oz gluten free plain flour half a teaspoon xantham gum 6oz milk [...] Read more »

Easy Gluten Free Recipes: Gammon, Cheese and Leek Pie

This is one of our favourite gluten free recipes.  In fact we have been eating it for years, and Jamie was very relieved to realise that he could carry on eating it as it is completely gluten free!  This is a great recipe, takes about half an hour to cook or can be made earlier [...] Read more »