Easter Hols

I’m so sorry that I haven’t blogged for ages!  We have been away – on our first ‘proper’ holiday since Jamie was diagnosed with celiacs disease last June.  It is hard to believe that this time last year we had a very sad and ill little boy with permenant tummy aches, exhaustion and weight loss.  He [...] Read more »

Gluten Free Easter

Our first gluten free Easter!  So that means no hot cross buns (which Jamie is not ever so happy about but will get over) and probably as much chocolate as ever!  I have had to be careful to check the labels on the Easter eggs: some contain gluten, some don’t… but there are enough that [...] Read more »

Another Gluten Free Birthday Party

Another birthday, another gluten free birthday cake!  This time it was my daughter’s.  She is not celiac and does not follow a gluten free diet, but her birthday was gluten free anyway because: a) She’s a kind hearted little person and wanted her brother to join in. b) All my baking stuff is gluten free [...] Read more »

The Gluten-free-last-minute-lunchbox-solution

Have you ever had that sinking feeling at about ten o’clock at night, as you turn the TV off and are about to head upstairs, and you suddenly remember that you didn’t bake and you’ve nothing in for his lunchbox tomomrrow? The old standby options (such as easy, wrapped chocolate biscuits) are no longer available, you [...] Read more »

Should the Whole Family go Gluten Free?

One of the biggest questions we had when Jamie was first diagnosed with celiacs disease was ‘Should the whole family go gluten free?’ And it is a question that must be asked in any family where one member is diagnosed with celiacs. Certainly there are advantages to this option: equally there are disadvantages.  It is a [...] Read more »

An Average Gluten Free Day for Jamie From His Mum’s Point of View

Having written about Jamie’s gluten free day last Wednesday, I did get to thinking about the impacthis celiac disease, and gluten free diet has on me!.  So here is a day in the life of my celiac child from the point of view of the one who feeds him. Early morning: I’m packing up the [...] Read more »

An Average Gluten Free Day (for Jamie)

“Does a gluten free diet make life difficult for Jamie?” Someone asked me that the other day, and although I said “Not really” at the time, it did make me stop and think.  We have got so used to living gluten free that we don’t talk about it much anymore.  But there are little challenges Jamie [...] Read more »

Gluten Free Goals for the New Year!

A Gluten Free New Year! New Year!  A time for resolutions and targets.  Being an incredibly goal oriented person, I love this time of year and invarably set myself way too many goals for the year ahead.  As it will be our first full year of a gluten free diet I have three specific gluten [...] Read more »

A Gluten Free Christmas: Gluten Free Lemon Star Biscuit Recipe

This is one of my favourite gluten free christmas recipes.  We have always made star shaped biscuits to hang on the tree and I never get to decorate many because it’s one of the family traditions that the kids go wild with icing sugar and sprinkles so ever biscuit is a real sugar high, and [...] Read more »