A Gluten Free Christmas: Gluten Free Lemon Star Biscuit Recipe

This is one of my favourite gluten free christmas recipes.  We have always made star shaped biscuits to hang on the tree and I never get to decorate many because it’s one of the family traditions that the kids go wild with icing sugar and sprinkles so ever biscuit is a real sugar high, and [...] Read more »

A Gluten Free Christmas: Staying Away from Home with Your Celiac Child

Going away from home at Christmas can be stressful enough at the best of time, but when you have a celiac child who needs a completely gluten free diet at christmas, the interest levels sky rocket! The main aim is to somehow work out the Christmas celebrations so that your celiac child does not feel [...] Read more »

A Gluten Free Christmas: Advent Calendars and Selection Boxes

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without advent calendars and selection boxes,- even a gluten free Christmas! Okay, so talking about gluten free advent calendars is a little late – we’ re nearly two weeks into them and the excitement is running high.  I’m sure there are gluten free advent calendars in the shops, but I didn’t [...] Read more »

A Gluten Free Christmas: Gluten Free Christmas Spice Biscuits Recipe

My family (all of them – not just the celiac members) love these gluten free Christmas Spice Biscuits.  And they are sooooo easy!  So next in the series of a Gluten Free Christmas: my gluten free Christmas Spice Biscuits recipe: enjoy! Gluten Free Christmas Spice Biscuits Recipe Ingredients 225g gluten free self raising flour (or [...] Read more »

A Gluten Free Christmas: Make Your Own Gluten Free Christmas Hamper

Have you thought of getting a gluten free Christmas hamper for someone this Christmas? There are some really nice gluten free Christmas hampers out there to buy… if you can afford them.  Alternatively, have you thought of making your own?  It is really not that difficult. Since Jamie (my nine year old son) was diagnosed [...] Read more »

A Gluten Free Christmas: Easy Gluten Free Christmas Cake Recipe

If you already have a favorite, you can turn any recipe into a gluten free Christmas cake recipe simply by replacing the flour and adding xanthan gum.  It really can be that simple. As I always go for easy with my gluten free recipes, I have never got the hang of all the wrapping in [...] Read more »

A Gluten Free Christmas: Your Celiac Child at School

For the celiac child, Christmas can be a difficult time.  It’s easier to manage at home, but making it a gluten free Christmas at school can be a tricky one. There are parties, students – and teachers- bringing in Christmas treats (few of which will be gluten free) and all sorts of challenges for the celiac child [...] Read more »

Gluten Free Christmas: Gluten Free Mince Pies

Gluten free mince pies have been on my mind since the beginning of November!  It’s sad, I know, but Jamie absolutely loves mince pies, and when the first ones started appearing in Walmart it suddenly occurred to me that it’s his first gluten free Christmas and I can’t buy any for him this year. I [...] Read more »