An Average Gluten Free Day for Jamie From His Mum’s Point of View

Having written about Jamie’s gluten free day last Wednesday, I did get to thinking about the impacthis celiac disease, and gluten free diet has on me!.  So here is a day in the life of my celiac child from the point of view of the one who feeds him. Early morning: I’m packing up the [...] Read more »

A Gluten Free Christmas: Gluten Free Christmas Spice Biscuits Recipe

My family (all of them – not just the celiac members) love these gluten free Christmas Spice Biscuits.  And they are sooooo easy!  So next in the series of a Gluten Free Christmas: my gluten free Christmas Spice Biscuits recipe: enjoy! Gluten Free Christmas Spice Biscuits Recipe Ingredients 225g gluten free self raising flour (or [...] Read more »

A Gluten Free Christmas: Easy Gluten Free Christmas Cake Recipe

If you already have a favorite, you can turn any recipe into a gluten free Christmas cake recipe simply by replacing the flour and adding xanthan gum.  It really can be that simple. As I always go for easy with my gluten free recipes, I have never got the hang of all the wrapping in [...] Read more »

Gluten Free Christmas: Gluten Free Mince Pies

Gluten free mince pies have been on my mind since the beginning of November!  It’s sad, I know, but Jamie absolutely loves mince pies, and when the first ones started appearing in Walmart it suddenly occurred to me that it’s his first gluten free Christmas and I can’t buy any for him this year. I [...] Read more »

Gluten Free Lunchbox Ideas (without bread): Gluten Free Dip Recipes

Next up in the easy gluten free recipes  for the gluten free lunchbox series: dips!  Okay, if your child is particularly young or particularly messy you may want to skip this one, but I like it because it is easily one of the most healthy of all the gluten free lunchbox ideas and although it is [...] Read more »

Gluten Free Lunchbox Ideas (without bread): Honeyed Chicken Drumsticks

Easy gluten free recipes: the gluten free lunchbox I have found the gluten free lunchbox to be more of a challenge than the gluten free evening meal.  Especially for children!  The thought of sending Jamie into school with soup is quite scary (and I don’t think the lunchtime staff would be too pleased either) and [...] Read more »

Easy Gluten Free Recipes: Gluten Free Brownies

Another in the series of gluten free recipes:  gluten free brownies take a little longwer to make than some of the other easy gluten free recipes but they are so well worth the effort! Gluten Free Brownies Ingredients 75g plain or milk chocolate (check it is gluten free!) 100g margarine 200g brown sugar 2 eggs [...] Read more »

Easy Gluten Free Recipes: Gluten Free Apple Crumble

When it comes to easy gluten free recipes this is another winner.  And another of those relief moments for Jamie when he realised that apple crumble was still on the menu for him. Of course, gluten free apple crumble could become gluten free rhubarb crumble or gluten free apple and blackberry crumble or gluten free [...] Read more »

Easy Gluten Free Recipes: Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

These gluten free chocolate chip cookies are a definite favorite in our house: they never last for more than a couple of days!  (especially delicious warm from the oven!) Ingredients 100g castor sugar 100g margarine                                                 1 egg (beaten) half a teaspoon vanilla essence 6oz gluten free plain flour half a teaspoon xantham gum 6oz milk [...] Read more »

“Great Gluten Free Baking” – Book Review

“Great Gluten free Baking” is an excellent book which I have used more than any other in our gluten free journey! Easy gluten free recipes with ingredients which generally can be bought from the local supermarket. We love the peanutty squares and lemon drizzle cake especially. When you are baking twice a week to fill [...] Read more »