Another Gluten Free Birthday Party

Another birthday, another gluten free birthday cake!  This time it was my daughter’s.  She is not celiac and does not follow a gluten free diet, but her birthday was gluten free anyway because: a) She’s a kind hearted little person and wanted her brother to join in. b) All my baking stuff is gluten free [...] Read more »

An Average Gluten Free Day for Jamie From His Mum’s Point of View

Having written about Jamie’s gluten free day last Wednesday, I did get to thinking about the impacthis celiac disease, and gluten free diet has on me!.  So here is a day in the life of my celiac child from the point of view of the one who feeds him. Early morning: I’m packing up the [...] Read more »

An Average Gluten Free Day (for Jamie)

“Does a gluten free diet make life difficult for Jamie?” Someone asked me that the other day, and although I said “Not really” at the time, it did make me stop and think.  We have got so used to living gluten free that we don’t talk about it much anymore.  But there are little challenges Jamie [...] Read more »

A Gluten Free Christmas: Gluten Free Lemon Star Biscuit Recipe

This is one of my favourite gluten free christmas recipes.  We have always made star shaped biscuits to hang on the tree and I never get to decorate many because it’s one of the family traditions that the kids go wild with icing sugar and sprinkles so ever biscuit is a real sugar high, and [...] Read more »

A Gluten Free Christmas: Advent Calendars and Selection Boxes

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without advent calendars and selection boxes,- even a gluten free Christmas! Okay, so talking about gluten free advent calendars is a little late – we’ re nearly two weeks into them and the excitement is running high.  I’m sure there are gluten free advent calendars in the shops, but I didn’t [...] Read more »

Center For Celiac Research

The Centre for Celiac Research at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, are selling wrist bands and magnets to raise money for and awareness of celiac research.  The wrist bands are only $2 each and more than 35000 celiac awareness bracelets have been sold already. I’m looking into getting some shipped over to the UK. Check it out! Read more »

Four Month Celiac Review

Jamie saw the paediatrician for his four month review today.  He had a blood test two weeks ago (which was much better than the first one because they did put the numbing cream on, although he still got very stressed.) Today was to be weighed and measured, get the results of the blood test and [...] Read more »