Gluten Free Goals for the New Year!

A Gluten Free New Year! New Year!  A time for resolutions and targets.  Being an incredibly goal oriented person, I love this time of year and invarably set myself way too many goals for the year ahead.  As it will be our first full year of a gluten free diet I have three specific gluten [...] Read more »

Celiac Research – Utah

Celiac?  Live in Utah? UNIVERSITY RESEARCHERS SEEK FAMILIES WITH CELIAC DISEASE/DERMATITIS HERPETIFORMIS HISTORY Individuals that have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease are being sought for a study to identify factors associated with the development of Celiac Disease. The goal of the study is to find genes that may predispose individuals and their relatives to develop [...] Read more »

Center For Celiac Research

The Centre for Celiac Research at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, are selling wrist bands and magnets to raise money for and awareness of celiac research.  The wrist bands are only $2 each and more than 35000 celiac awareness bracelets have been sold already. I’m looking into getting some shipped over to the UK. Check it out! Read more »