Should the Whole Family go Gluten Free?

One of the biggest questions we had when Jamie was first diagnosed with celiacs disease was ‘Should the whole family go gluten free?’ And it is a question that must be asked in any family where one member is diagnosed with celiacs. Certainly there are advantages to this option: equally there are disadvantages.  It is a [...] Read more »

An Average Gluten Free Day for Jamie From His Mum’s Point of View

Having written about Jamie’s gluten free day last Wednesday, I did get to thinking about the impacthis celiac disease, and gluten free diet has on me!.  So here is a day in the life of my celiac child from the point of view of the one who feeds him. Early morning: I’m packing up the [...] Read more »

Tummyaches Again!

Jamie is getting tummyaches again.  I’m sure he is not getting any gluten (and if he is occasionally getting cross contaminated, it can’t be this regularly).  His last blood tests showed he wasn’t getting regular gluten. So why he tummyaches?  They are short but very sharp, and he’s getting them three or four times a [...] Read more »

Celiac Research – Utah

Celiac?  Live in Utah? UNIVERSITY RESEARCHERS SEEK FAMILIES WITH CELIAC DISEASE/DERMATITIS HERPETIFORMIS HISTORY Individuals that have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease are being sought for a study to identify factors associated with the development of Celiac Disease. The goal of the study is to find genes that may predispose individuals and their relatives to develop [...] Read more »

Jamie’s Aquathlon

Who says that the celiac child can’t do anything they put their mind to doing?  Before Jamie was diagnosed with celiac disease, when he spent his days lolling around the house with no energy whatsoever and permanent tummy ache, I did wonder if he would ever really be right again.  Four months after the celiac [...] Read more »

Gluten Free Birthday Cake

“Will I get a gluten free birthday cake?”  was pretty high on Jamie’s list of concerns, having been disgnosed with celiac disease just a month before his ninth birthday.  I spent a few evenings searching the internet for a gluten free birthday cake before deciding to just get on with it!  So, first in the series [...] Read more »