Jamie’s Aquathlon

Who says that the celiac child can’t do anything they put their mind to doing?  Before Jamie was diagnosed with celiac disease, when he spent his days lolling around the house with no energy whatsoever and permanent tummy ache, I did wonder if he would ever really be right again.  Four months after the celiac [...] Read more »

Reactions to Celiac Disease Diagnosis

When Jamie got his celiac disease diagnosis it was hardly a surprise, and most people close to us knew he was already on a gluten free diet already. But a few people’s reactions took us a bit by surprise! People who thought we were being ‘over the top’ or ‘fussy’ parents.  I guess if people [...] Read more »

Celiac Disease Diagnosis I

Jamie’s Celiac disease diagnosis first came about Easter of this year.  We hadn’t noticed any symptoms of celiac disease (not that we would have known what to look for – I don’t think we had ever heard of it!)  but he suddenly seemed to be getting a lot of tummyaches.  At first we didn’t take [...] Read more »