Should the Whole Family go Gluten Free?

One of the biggest questions we had when Jamie was first diagnosed with celiacs disease was ‘Should the whole family go gluten free?’ And it is a question that must be asked in any family where one member is diagnosed with celiacs. Certainly there are advantages to this option: equally there are disadvantages.  It is a [...] Read more »

A Gluten Free Christmas: Staying Away from Home with Your Celiac Child

Going away from home at Christmas can be stressful enough at the best of time, but when you have a celiac child who needs a completely gluten free diet at christmas, the interest levels sky rocket! The main aim is to somehow work out the Christmas celebrations so that your celiac child does not feel [...] Read more »

A Gluten Free Christmas: Your Celiac Child at School

For the celiac child, Christmas can be a difficult time.  It’s easier to manage at home, but making it a gluten free Christmas at school can be a tricky one. There are parties, students – and teachers- bringing in Christmas treats (few of which will be gluten free) and all sorts of challenges for the celiac child [...] Read more »

Jamie’s Aquathlon

Who says that the celiac child can’t do anything they put their mind to doing?  Before Jamie was diagnosed with celiac disease, when he spent his days lolling around the house with no energy whatsoever and permanent tummy ache, I did wonder if he would ever really be right again.  Four months after the celiac [...] Read more »