Gluten Free Lunchbox Kebabs

This is a favourite gluten free lunchbox for my kids – and one which is envied by the friends they sit with!

Basically, all you need is a skewer (we tend to use the wooden picnic ones and I usually cut off the sharp ends when I’ve finished)  or for younger children a good quality drinking straw.

You then thread onto your skewer any foods you like.  I tend to try to include chunks of cooked chicken or ham, with cucumber, carrot, courgette, tomato (can get messy!) pineapple (great with the ham or cheese), onion, cheese, pepper, celery, even bits of cold potato or pasta.  We like to experiment.  And the kids love to put together their own too, which is great and shows that gluten free food can be fun!

Top tips:

  • Make sure your kebab will fit in the lunchbox before you start!
  • Add a rice cake for a bit more carbohydrate intake (unless your kids will eat cold potato or pasta
  • Slice the sharp end of the skewer when you have finished and wrap some tape around it so it’s safe

Of course, you can also do a sweet version of this with fruit, marshmallows etc… and if it’s not going in a lunchbox you can dip it in melted chocolate and it’s just amazing…