Gluten Free Easter

Our first gluten free Easter!  So that means no hot cross buns (which Jamie is not ever so happy about but will get over) and probably as much chocolate as ever!  I have had to be careful to check the labels on the Easter eggs: some contain gluten, some don’t… but there are enough that don’t for it not to be an issue at all.  He likes ‘Crunchies’ best and they are gluten free.

I have also had to be careful when we go out on ‘treasure trails’ and ‘Easter egg hunts’, all of which seem to end in chocolate at this time of year.  I carry a supply of small ‘safe’ eggs with me, and swap what he has found for the ones I know are gluten free (then I eat the others!)

Easter hasn’t been a big deal as far as Jamie’s gluten free diet is concerned.  I don’t think he really thought about it all all – except that I have been told to invent a recipe for gluten free hot cross buns for next year!

My God Bless you richly this Easter.  Enjoy!

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  1. jean layton says:

    I have a hot cross bun recipe on my blog because missing them is missing an essential part of Easter.
    Glad your child was healthy this Easter.

    jean laytons last blog post..Poof Done Dinner

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