About Us

I’m Kirsty, Mum to Jamie, aged twelve and his ten year old sister and married to a wonderful man.  I live in the UK (you probably guessed that from the ‘Mum’ rather than ‘Mom’) and I’m a website designer and photographer.  In my spare time I like to get out working my dogs, walk in the nearby Peak District with my family and photograph the children sailing – with my feet firmly on dry land!

When Jamie was diagnosed with coeliac disease at the age of nine it was a massive shock and did change our family lifestyle quite considerably – especially as his dad was diagnosed with coeliac disease just a few months afterwards. For me as the main cook, shopper and child-carer it was a huge learning curve dealing with the complexities of his new diet. That’s when I started this blog. The sense of overwhelm was enormous and I attempted to blog the lessons (and recipes) as I learnt them.

Three and a bit years on and I don’t think about Jamie being coeliac all the time any more. I know what to buy and not buy when I shop; I have a bank of tried and tested recipes and life goes on as it always did. We are facing new challenges all the time though as he comes into the teenage years and I feel like I have something to say again. Added to that, the amazement of discovering that this little blog is getting so many visitors every month and the fact that I am top of the Google rankings for ‘gluten free apple crumble’- I felt I owe it to you to keep it going!

So as I said somewhere else, I’m redesigning, rewriting and adding plenty of new features and I hope it helps in some small way other mums of children on a gluten free diet. Especially if you’re still in the overwhelm stage.

It honestly does get easier.